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East Lansing's Awesome Bars and Restaurants



4750 Hagadorn Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 333-1933

Have you ever heard of or tried a Japanese Fusion restaurant? Well, now you can. Sansu strives to continually serve high quality food and provide excellent service. They have a huge sushi bar and a wide variety of menu items including everything from teriyaki to Bentos and Noodles. There are not many places where you can have a unique dining experience like the private sit down style tatami rooms they have at 4750 South Hagadorn Road. But really, their reputation is built on their 40 foot sushi bar and serving the finest fresh fish and create rolls that you will find anywhere.

State Room

219 S Harrison Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 432-5049

Located at 219 South Harrison Road in the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, this establishment would best be described as upscale casual dining. The entrees here will delight your senses with an assortment of delicious smells and tastes. There is such a warm ambiance created in this casual atmosphere that you will not want to leave. The menu changes with the seasons and reflect the best of local ingredients. And we can't forget about the extensive wine list which actually won a Best of Award.

Swagath Indian Cuisine

1060 Trowbridge Rd #3, East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 333-6536

Swagath is about three things mainly: food, family, and friends. When you stop by 1060 Trowbridge Road, you will experience unique cuisine from India. The food and dishes served are a combination of Indian spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. If you are looking for healthy choices, this is a great place. They take great pride in creating a balanced diet that have rich flavors. A memorable experience awaits you at Swagath because this is authentic Indian cooking in every way.

Peanut Barrel Restaurant

521 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 351-0608

This is your friendly neighborhood bar. The food at 521 East Grand River Avenue is something you will absolutely love. You could live off of their burgers which are so tasty. And what a selection of craft beers available. You could go here forever and try a different one every time and never run out of choices. The wait staff is awesome and the atmosphere is tremendous. And here is the best thing about the Peanut Barrel. The prices will not make much of a dent in your wallet.

Jimmy's Pub

16804 Chandler Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 324-7100

Sometimes you need that place where you can just go to relax and kick back and enjoy yourself. If you visit 16804 Chandler Road, you will be able to do just that. They have numerous draught beers and absolutely delicious foods. The high definition televisions provide some entertainment if you need it. Another great thing about this place is that there are different dining areas that cater to who you might be with so whether you bring a huge group or just a date, there is a place for you. This is a place that you will be happy you stopped at.