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Holt's Awesome Bars and Restaurants


Buddies Grill

2040 N Aurelius Rd # 13, Holt, MI 48842
(517) 699-3670

This is the kind of place you have been looking for, somewhere to enjoy food, drinks and friends. A great sports bar with all kinds of screens viewable from all angles. The portions are large enough to provide you with two or three meals. They have absolutely amazing nachos and their deep dish is the best in the entire area. You won't be disappointed with the beer selection either. The interior at 2040 North Aurelius Road is huge so there is something for everyone depending on the size group you are with.

Champion Sports Bar and Grill

2440 Cedar St, Holt, MI 48842
(517) 694-7660

A place for great fun. The experienced waitstaff are always on top of everything and will make sure your drinks are topped off. They have a lot of unique shots and drink specials. When you want a place to watch a game and have some great bar food, 2440 North Cedar Street is the place to be. And you don't have to just sit around and twiddle your thumbs as they have buzztime trivia, pool tables, video games, and more to hold your interest. Definitely a better than average sports bar.

Fat Boys Pizza

2040 N Aurelius Rd #2, Holt, MI 48842
(517) 699-2400

When you have pizza, all you ask for are quality ingredients and plenty of them. And that is part of the philosophy of Fat Boys, to never skimp on portion sizes. In fact, to put it simply, at 2040 Aurelius Road, they deliver slammin' good food with exceptional service at a fair price. You can't use the word best enough when it comes to Fat Boys. Best cheese, best crust, best sauce, best ingredients, and an awesome bag of breadsticks as well. What more could you ask for?

Famous Dave's

2457 Cedar St, Holt, MI 48842
(517) 694-1200

The goal of the owner of Famous Dave's has been consistent from the beginning: create the best barbeque America has ever tasted. That goal has been realized at 2457 Cedar Street. All of the barbeque served is hand rubbed with spices, then slow smoked in a pit of smoldering hickory. On top of the amazing food, there is just as amazing service as the staff truly cares about your experience being a satisfying one. But be forewarned, Wilbur's Revenge XXX Hot sauce is as hot as you will find anywhere.

Village Inn

2211 Cedar St, Holt, MI 48842
(517) 699-2187

Enjoy some great tasting food and some extra-friendly service at 2211 Cedar Street. The atmosphere is clean and family friendly. If you are a breakfast fan, you won't want to miss their mad-from-scratch butter milk pancakes. Moving into lunch and dinner, there is something for everyone: fresh green salads, juicy burgers, tasty sandwiches, and traditional dinner entrees like Chicken-Fried Steak. They also have a children's menu should you need it. You just can't argue with five decades of success.

Delhi Cafe

4625 E Willoughby Rd # 9, Holt, MI 48842
(517) 694-8655

When a restaurant has been around for at least 20 years, they must be doing something right. And at 4625 Willoughby Road, that something is serving consistently good and high quality meals. The daily specials are homemade and rotate everyday of the week. One thing you might be surprised by are the large number of tasty appetizers they offer. And for a cafe, the menu is fairly large and offers a very nice variety. Then to finish off your experience, Delhi will serve you some of the most scrumptious desserts including their own Baklava.