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Marshall's Awesome Bars and Restaurants


Schuler's Restaurant & Pub

115 S Eagle St, Marshall, MI 49068
(269) 781-0600

Your expectations will go up when you visit 115 South Eagle Street. The reason for this is that Schuler's has been making people happy for more than a century now. Not a bad track record. You will find a very different culture and mindset here compared to most restaurants. The customer is considered the number one priority. What can we say, the food is wonderful, the service is friendly, the atmosphere feels very historic, and you can feel the charm that the place exudes. Everyone should dine at Schuler's at least once in their life, a real experience.

Dark Horse Brewing Company

511 S Kalamazoo Ave, Marshall, MI 49068
(269) 781-9940

The hallmark qualities of this brewing company are quality and devotion. The passion that is put into 511 South Kalamazoo Avenue is immense and it shows. Patrons appreciate it when things are done well and they are treated right so you will find that this place is always busy but even if you have to wait a bit, it will be worth it. The pizza is amazing, but we realize that the reason you visit dark horse is the beer. One visit and we know you will agree that their brewed concoctions are the best in Michigan and ranked among the best in the nation.

Mike's Place

116 W Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068
(269) 789-0775

If you are looking for an exceptional burger in the area, then 116 West Michigan will fit the bill. There are a number of burgers to choose from depending on what you like on yours, but they are all absolutely delicious. The selection of beers should provide you with everything you could want and they are all of a very high quality. It is great to frequent a place where the owners take a vested interest and are around most of the time to make sure all is going well with their customers. One added bonus is the atmosphere, this place is located in an 1874 structure and gives off a very historic feel.


301 E Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068
(269) 789-9180

Located in historic downtown Marshall at 301 East Michigan Avenue, this place offers you an enticing, savory menu with warm surroundings. The menu and and the cuisine is inspired by Spanish-Mediterranean culture. This will be a very unique experience for you. Their signature dish is Risotto but the menu is varied depending on your desires. If you are looking for a tip in terms of dessert, try any of the cheesecake based items, they are homemade and absolutely delicious. We guarantee that you will look forward to going back.

Broadway Grill

107 W Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068
(269) 781-9200

Which comes first if you want to have a successful and popular eating establishment? Service or food? Well, at 107 West Michigan, it doesn't really matter which you list first because they are both top notch. The food choices provide a nice variety from steak to pulled pork sandwiches to fajitas to popcorn shrimp and much much more. The beer selections will make you smile and the prices on everything are very reasonable. If you go with an appetite, the portions will take care of it.