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Stockbridge's Awesome Bars and Restaurants


Stockbridge Diner

110 E Main St, Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-7900

When you slip into 110 East Main Street, you will feel like you have come home. There is a warmth and an inviting atmosphere that you will not find in many other places. You can start your experience with a bowl of warm homemade soup. The staff is absolutely amazing in making sure that you are taken care of and treated like royalty. In fact, you will not want to leave. Their breakfasts are classic and the food is fresh. One more thing, the prices are easy on the wallet as well.

Rob's Pizza

102 N Clinton St, Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-8402

You have not had pizza until you visit 102 North Clinton Street. This place is an institution in the area. In addition to a great pizza, you will want to throw in some of their breadsticks with the cheese dip. But beware, they may send you into a food coma if you have too many. It is a quaint little place, very clean and you also have the option of take out. And being a mom and pop place adds to the allurement. Once you have had Rob's Pizza you will never go anywhere else.

Stage Stop Restaurant

555 W Main St, Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-7666

This place is a kick back to another time and place. It looks like an ice cream parlor from the outside but do not be deceived. The inside will remind you of a 50s style diner with booths and individual little jukeboxes at each one. We recommend the broasted chicken special that comes with the perfect complement, their extra special cole slaw. Once you have a quality entree, make sure that you do not leave 555 West Main Street without ordering the carrot cake, you can thank us later.

BackStreet Steakhouse and Seafood

118 N Center St, Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-7785

You hear a lot about surf and turf. But at 114 North Center Street, you will actually live it and be happy about it. The steaks they serve are all well marinated for days before they are cooked which results in some of the most tender steak meat you will ever experience anywhere. If you prefer, all of their seafood dishes are fresh and of a very high quality. Either way, you have some amazing choices that you will be very pleased with.

Cravingz Coffee House & Sandwich Shop

140 S Clinton St, Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-3810

The vision of this place when it opened was to provide a place where people would feel comfortable to congregate and enjoy some great cups of joe and amazing sandwiches. That vision has become a reality and by visiting 140 South Clinton Street you are assuring yourself of a great time and a some very valuable downtime. They have so many blends of coffee and specialty drinks that it really boggles the mind and their sandwiches are composed of the finest and freshest ingredients. The staff will make sure you are well taken care of.

Towne Square Pizza Too

310 W Main St, Stockbridge, MI 49285
(517) 851-8794

Conveniently located at 310 West Main Street, this is one of those gems that may not look like anything in terms of aesthetics, but you will leave with a big smile on your face. This place is all about one thing and one thing only, pizza. It all starts with homemade bread to make the crust. Add to that a secret recipe sauce that is just right, it is not too spicy and not too bland. Then, when it comes to cheese, Towne Square does not skimp at all, when you cut through your slice you will know that there is something there and when that something hits your mouth, well, we will let you experience that for yourself.