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Lansing Limo Service Bar Hopping

You are in luck. You have decided on a night of bar hopping and you happen to be in one of the best areas in Michigan for such an event. The Lansing area has some iconic night spots. These include places like the Avenue Cafe, an eclectic neighborhood hangout on Lansing's east side. Another spot that you will want to put on your list is the iconic Beggar's Banquet where the beer and wine list is one of the best in the entire state. And we would be remiss if we didn't mention Brannigan Brothers, Eden Rock, Esquire, Harem, Kelly's Downtown, and Midtown Beer Company. And this is just a beginning. So as you can see, coming up with a list of destinations will not be a problem. It is coming up with the other list that will probably cause you to put some more thought into it. Make a list of some really cool people that you would like to spend an evening with moving around town checking out some really great places. Just make sure that you keep off your list the jerks, idiots, and unlikeable people. Once you have these two lists assembled, you will be ready for the next phase of your planned event.

So, now that your plan is coming together, is it lacking anything to make it one of the greatest evenings you have ever spent? Yes, we believe so. Luxury entertainment transportation is the final piece to your bar hopping puzzle. Why? For a number of reasons. Letting a professional transportation company take care of your traveling needs for the evening will release you to do one thing and one thing only, have a great time with your friends. We have experienced and certified drivers that will make sure that you get to all of your destinations safely and then back home in one piece as well. We have the highest quality fleet of vehicles in the luxury transportation business. We are meticulous about taking care of the inside and outside of our vehicles. You will never have to worry about a break down that could ruin your evening. And think about what it means to leave the driving to a professional. No one in your group will have to drive as a designated driver or have to fight night traffic or have to search for a great parking place at each location. It also means that everyone will be free to drink as much as they would like and not have to run the risk of a DUI or getting into an accident if they try and drink and drive. These are all great advantages we know.

However, there are additional advantages that will absolutely blow you and your group away. When you step onboard your limo bus, you won't believe the features that we have installed just for you. How about some music? Your limo bus is equipped with a stereo and speakers that would be the envy of any club. Once the music is flowing, you will have ready access to your favorite cold drinks. We can't forget about one of our favorite features. Large plasma TVs are everywhere for your viewing pleasure. Feel like dancing? That's right, there is plenty of room and a special place for you to bust a move. At some point, you will probably want to sit down and we have made that a pleasure as well with a customized leather wraparound couch area. And while all of this is going on, the ambiance has been and is being set by special party lighting. Now you can see why the party never ends while onboard one of our special vehicles.

Your next step is to check out our vehicles on our website. Also, we have provided an FAQ page in case you want to check out some common questions potential customers have had. Once this is done, give us a call and let's talk about your event, the number of people in your group, and when you would require service. We look forward to serving you on a great night of bar hopping.