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Lansing Limo Service Concerts

What can we say? Music can and does enhance your life. There is nothing like spending an entire evening forgetting about your day to day problems and immersing yourself in a concert of great musical entertainment. And in the Lansing area, there are plenty of great opportunities to do so. The Lansing area has an amazing mixture of venues from small to very large. You make the choice depending on who you want to see and what kind of venue you enjoy the most. You will have a choice of smaller, more intimate venues like The Loft or Kerrytown Concert House. Or, if you prefer, you can pursue a larger musical venue like the Wharton Center. In terms of musical acts, you will have no worries there because many of the major acts come to Lansing and if you are into the lesser known acts, the area has those as well. So, plan a great night of music and head to a great local venue with some of your best friends. Just don't do it without us.

Once you have your concert venue and act chosen, you will want to make sure that you make it a night to remember. And the way to do that is very simple. You need to look through our fleet for the perfect luxury entertainment transportation solution. Music is to be savored and enjoying your evening in a limo bus will do nothing but take your event to the next level. Think about what a night of luxury it will be. You and your group are going to love the convenience of being picked up and dropped off at a location of your choice. You will be chauffeured around by a professional driver to each destination on your itinerary and then back home safely. Safety is a huge deal with us at Lansing Limo Service. For an event like the one you have planned, we realize that fighting traffic trying to get to your venue and then trying to find a decent parking space are both nasty propositions. Then, if you and the people in your group have a few drinks at the concert or along the way, you will have to worry about a possible DUI or maybe even getting into an accident because of drinking and driving. This can quickly ruin what is supposed to be a wonderful evening. So, do what you should have done a long time ago and leave your cares behind. If you go with us, you are going with the best in the business. Our vehicles are by far the best quality in the luxury transportation business. Also, we have installed the most amazing features on our limo buses so that groups can continue the party even onboard one of our vehicles.

So, at this point, you are probably wondering what the amazing features are that we have installed on our limo buses. Well, it all begins with ambiance. The first thing that you and your group will notice when your limo bus pulls up to start the evening is how amazing your chariot looks inside and out. This will really help everyone to get into the mood and begin to relax and look forward to the concert. And speaking of music, we have installed a stereo system that will blow you out of the water. So, make sure you bring your favorite tunes including those recorded by the group you are going to see. TVs won't be a problem because you will have multiple screens to view. You won't believe your eyes when you look over and see bar areas with your favorite drinks. Make sure to bring your favorite libations so you can avail yourselves of your favorites all night long if you so choose. Chill out on a customized leather wraparound seating area. And if anyone in your group wants to get active, there is room to dance on the floor provided for it. We want you to know that we have not forgotten about the little things as we have installed very dark tinted windows so that what happens on the limo bus stays on the limo bus.

What a great mixture, musical entertainment and limo bus entertainment. There is a reason our vehicles are called a “party on wheels.” If you have questions or if you are ready to start the booking process, our booking agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look forward to serving your event and to hearing from you very soon.