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Lansing Limo Service Sweet Sixteen Parties

It is a very big milestone for a young lady. You remember her when she was just a baby and it is hard to believe that this day has come. A lot is happening around the same time it seems. She will be getting her drivers license soon, she has asked you to help her purchase a used car, she just put in an application for a part-time job, and she is starting to consider which college to go to. So, with all of this going on, you would like to make her Sweet 16 party a memorable one as well as show her how special she is to you. There are many different events you can plan. Throwing a spa party can be a fun way for her and her friends to enjoy some pampering. Another laid back idea is to have a sleepover where they can watch some chick flicks and partake in fun food choices while they share stories. Another great way to celebrate a Sweet 16 birthday is to treat your daughter and her friends to an elegant night out where they get to dress up and go to a nice restaurant, visit a dance club or go to a movie before returning home. Whatever you decide to do, making her feel very special is the ultimate goal.

We know a lot will depend on what you decide to do in order celebrate, but for something like the elegant night out, we have something that we believe will make her night even that much more special. Booking one of our phenomenal vehicles will make your daughter feel like a special princess going to the masquerade ball. Just imagine the fun you will have when the group can spend the entire time together instead of each person being driven to each location separately. And for your purposes, our service is one of the safest around. We pride ourselves on safety and customer service. Our fleet is continually updated by certified mechanics. In addition, we only hire experienced and certified drivers who are then trained in the way that we want them to operate which means treating all of our customers in the most respectful way. Your daughter and her friends will be driven around by a chauffeur that is very knowledgeable in the area roads and who also has GPS onboard just in case. We also want to assure you that our driver will never stop at any location that has not been approved ahead of time by you the parent.

No matter what you have planned for her in terms of venues, her time on one of our limo buses will be a phenomenal one. The group will go wild when they see the features available. Some of the features we have installed will just be unbelievable to them. Drinking your favorite cold ones will not be a problem at the special bar areas we have setup. Ahead of time, you will want to find out what the favorite drinks are of the entire group so you can stock the coolers. Do girls like music? They can go crazy with the amazing stereo system. And it doesn't stop there. We have installed plasma TVs that will blow you away. And we know how much the ladies love to dance. The whole group will be able to get their groove on in the dancing area. Once they tucker themselves out a bit, it won't be too far to go to relax on the seating area where everyone can catch up on the latest gossip.

Does this sound like a great way for your daughter to spend her Sweet 16th Party? It is really the perfect solution for everyone. And it will be memorable, that we can promise you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of our agents. They are well trained in everything limo bus related. They will not only be able to answer your questions, but they will be able to satisfy your need for information or if you are ready to move forward, they can help you with that as well. It is our goal to make sure you are fitted to the perfect vehicle for your group and your event. We look forward to bringing you the best luxury entertainment transportation.